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Every Business Needs a Look from an Outsider

5 Conditions You Didn't Know Could Be Treated With Hypnosis

Brianna Washington

Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to tap into a patient's subconscious when they are not as impacted by learned behaviors to change certain behaviors. Hypnosis is often used for entertainment purposes, but hypnotherapists use it as a form of organic medical treatment. Learn more about the different conditions sometimes treated with hypnosis. 

1. Chronic Pain

Some patients have chronic pain as a part of a psychosomatic response to mental health problems. While very real, this pain derives from internal problems. A hypnotherapist will convince the patient to release the emotional anguish leading to physical pain with varying results. The therapist can also fic the way the patient processes and handles their pain. For mild cases, hypnotherapy can provide a solution that takes the place of medication, which can have side effects and the possibility of addiction. 

2. Weight Loss

Unhealthy eating habits often become engrained in obese patients to the point of physical resistance to a change in those habits. A lot of times, unhealthy eating habits occur due to unhealthy thoughts about food and an unhealthy relationship with food. A hypnotherapist can work with patients to change these thoughts, leading to changed behaviors, such as healthier eating habits. Obese patients should combine hypnotherapy with traditional medical treatment for the best results. 

3. Sleep Disorders

While doctors don't know exactly why humans sleep, they do agree that humans absolutely need sleep. Patients with insomnia and sleep apnea don't get enough sleep for a variety of reasons. A hypnotherapist can help uncover the cause of the sleeping disorder and work on solutions to the problem.  

4. Anxiety and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Anxiety causes anxious feelings and panic attacks in patients, often caused by past trauma. A hypnotherapist with tap into the drama to relieve the anxiety. 

OCD patients experience invasive thoughts and use compulsive actions to keep the thoughts under control. A hypnotherapist will make the patient realize their invasive thoughts don't deserve a physical response. 

5. Depression and Self-Esteem Issues

Some people have depression and critical feelings about themselves that prevents them from making confident professional and personal decisions. A hypnotherapist can create positive thoughts in the patient's subconscious, resulting in the patient walking away from the appointment feeling good about themselves. Patients consist of both adults and children with self-esteem and bullying issues. 

Hypnotherapy typically takes 6 sessions before a patient sees a change in behavior. While a long-term solution, it's a natural solution that many patients prefer over medication and psychotherapy. 

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